Gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting unbiased news and information.

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Utkal Mail is a 35-year-old newspaper published in two languages, Odia and Hindi, with 9 editions circulating throughout the country ensuring a mix audience of rural as well as urban population. The newspaper has a stronghold particularly in Odisha where it was started and the neighbouring states of Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh as well as Delhi and the National Capital Region.

Utkal Mail is approved by the Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (DAVP) and the Information and Public Relations Department (I&PR) of key states and Union Territories. Within this competitive environment, Utkal Mail tries to hold on to unbiased journalistic standards and report s news the way it is without adding spurious content to appeal or dissuade the masses. It further tries to support investigative journalism by encouraging reporters to practice fearless coverage and provides a platform for news casting in spirit.

Our Journey


Pitabasa Mishra

Managing Director

An accomplished journalist with more than 40 years of experience, Pitabasa Mishra, is the Managing Editor of NF Times English Daily. He has rendered his life to advocating for the unprivileged and bringing value to the Indian democracy that rests on 4 pillars - media being one of them.

He is the president of the Indian Organisation of United Working Journalist (IOUWJ). Pitasbasa has been awarded multiple honours for his journalistic as well as philanthropic activities across the country. In addition, he has constantly defended the claims of Journalists as well as downtrodden individuals.

Soubhagya Laxmi Mishra


After years of experience in the field of engineering and data science, Soubhagya took up the responsibility of carrying forward the Utkalmail & NFtimes legacy. While handling administrative challenges, she endeavours to align the business goals with the ‘news first’ purpose of the organisation.

While bringing freshness and innovation to the leadership of the organisation, she does not let the commercial aspect of the business overpower the genuineness of the profession.